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Will It Hurt?

Will It Hurt?…..I Have Sensitive Skin!


Our clients occasionally ask if they will experience any lingering discomfort during, or after a laser tattoo removal treatment? Let me start by addressing a few basics about skin sensitivity and our laser technology.

First of all, depending on the exact location of your tattoo, your skin has varying levels of sensitivity to pressure and touch. Your forearm, for example, is much less likely to have the same sensitivity as your neck. The more vascular areas of your body also tend to be the most sensitive.

Secondly, canadian pharmacy \\ canadian pharmacy viagra \\ skin sensitivity can vary significantly from person to person. For example, some people never take anything more than an aspirin for a headache, while others are sometimes bed ridden for hours………if not days.

Given this wide fluctuation in skin sensitivity and tolerance for pain, we have designed a series of procedures that address these issues at every level.

The biggest thing to remember is our procedures are typically completed in a matter of a few seconds, not a few minutes. This is one of the reasons we chose to use Q-Switched Laser Technology. This advanced technology is remarkable, and has minimized the time needed to complete a tattoo removal procedure.

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For tattoos located in the most sensitive areas of your body, we apply a chiller to cool the temperature of the skin, and offer topical numbing agents to insure maximum comfort. As licensed physicians we have a great appreciation for the need to make our patients comfortable during and after their treatments, and it is one of our primary objectives.

For more information on skin sensitivity, or to take advantage of a Free One-On-One Consultation with our Licensed Physicians, contact us at 248-850-1060, or simply click the link below to make an appointment.

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